Who is Clutchy Hopkins?

Ok, so there’s all this fuss over who exactly Clutchy Hopkins really is. As Chris points out, Gorilla vs. Bear has a nice summary of the popular suspects, but there is one name that I haven’t seen mentioned yet: Money Mark.

The entire album tastes like Mark’s Keyboard Repair (1996), plus who else do you know with these Hip Hop connections and a hell of a collection of classic keys mixed with a love for garage sale toys and musty reel-to-reel machines? And I’m 90% sure I just caught a sample from the live jams that later became Check your Head. Hm…

No matter who it is, these are funny as hell:

EDIT: They are doing a hell of a job marketing this thing. “Heckler79’s” comment is popping up on a bunch of blog posts.

4 thoughts on “Who is Clutchy Hopkins?”

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  2. im listen clutchy right now, and the sounds of mone mark coming to my head, i think is money mark…. love this music,…

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